Tent setup for beginner

I’m new at this I bought a fsgtek tent 2x4x5 kit with a fsgtek 1200w light I want to try to grow some auto flowering how many plants can I fit using 2 gal smart pots pls help thanks

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Two plants in a 2x4 is ideal, but you’re going to want better lighting to run more than one plant through flowering. The 1200w light you reference is probably more along the lines of 300 true watts at best.

So 2 plants or just one

So one plant of auto flowering in a 2 gal smart pot should I add another smaller light with cfls

CFLs will be fine for veg if you have enough of them. You need the proper spectrum (red) lighting to support the plant through flowering.

How much yield will I get from 1 plant in a 2gal smart pot with a auto flowering plant?

There’s too many factors to predict it. Plant health and yield will depend on genetics, quality lighting, and many other critical factors.

Just wondering if it’s worth trying I really thought I could get 2 plants with that light if u want 2 plants I guess I need a better light or can I add anther light to that one cause u can daisy change them together

That light can be daisy changed together so should I get another one but get the f1500w and use both would that be enough for 2/4 plants in 2gal smart pots ( smart pot is 8.5”x8.5”)