Temperature. Light. Nutrient. HELP!

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"1) Temperature :- temp. of my grow room is constant on 84 to 87F. its not going down.
how can i cut down the temp?

  1. Light :- i’m using 2 yellow light CFL bulb of 40W. (total) if i’m increasing the light quantity temp gone for over 90F. what i can do for the same???
  1. Nutrient :- After how much time i have to feed my plant??
    i used to spray of fertilizer daily morning.
    can i feed crushed eggshells to plant?
    can i feed chia seeds(high in omega3) and how?

it’s veg. stage running. Over all my plant is Healthy enough. but the growth is going very slow.
it’s almost week 11 running but no sign of flowering. "

1… Add Co2 the plants will thrive at mid 80s then or sort out an extraction fan

2… Buy a Cheap LED

3… wait at least a week from seed popping and start slowly introducing nutes… as for the rest not sure

growth will be slow due to only 40w of lighting
and after week 11 I’m going to guess she is not an auto flower… meaning you will have to change her lighting to 12/12

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