Temperature late flower

Just raise the question on temp i got my babies on 30.9 Celsius is that healthy room is really hit cuz of halogen lights am using a mix of led and halogen

31c is pushing the upper limits 87F. Keep lots of air moving and I would think your plants will need more water.


My soil wont dry quickly thatsthe problem
Can you take a look and tell me your thoughts?

Uploading: IMGBuds 20526_224629_378.jpg…

Buds are so tiny got no idea why?

What I was trying to say is higher temps may increase the plants need for water. But, if it is not drawing on the moisture in the soil it is not needing more. The plant slows down (transpiration) as it matures.

It is hard to say. It may be genetics or an environmental factor that was less than what it needed.

Here is an example. Both are GDP. This is in a 2x2 frame grown in a autopot with coco & jacks in a closet. Photo taken day 67 since flipping. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very nice plant and the buds are rock solid.

Compare to this GDP on day 66 in a 3x3 tent. Coco & Jack’s and hand fed. This is probably 3x size and weight. Who knows why?


Wow those are very nice buds to be honest both are perfect to me guess there is yet too much too learn am on my first grow btw

Tell me a little more.
Auto or photo - and strain
How long (days) has it been flowering - i.e. since it had white hairy buttons?

It just may need more time to fill out.
I am getting ready to cut the plant in the tent. It will be 80 days since flip and 66 days since the start of flowering.