Temperature in flowering question

I just started flowering and I am about 4-6 weeks later than I wanted. Where I live it is starting to get hot. My temperature and humidity range for the past two days has been 68f-82f and 49%-72%

I had a better handle on the environment during the late winter/early spring but this is going to get more tough

My question is how bad are these ranges for flowering. My VPD charts I use for reference say I’m in the flower range with 82F and 60% but with a marijuana plant is this okay? Thanks!


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For flowering u want a RH around 40-45 % and u want ur temps around 23 degrees Celsius in the day time and ur temp at night should drop down to 19-21 degrees Celsius


82゚ would be at the top but not a deal breaker, Keep good air circulation . Exhaust fan and a couple circulating fans. Good luck :v: :+1:


Thanks for the replies! That is one of the VPD charts I use. I have an intake fan, exhaust fan, and two fans inside the grow. The humidity I know I need to take care of. I have it in my lung room but it’s making it so hot!

Can u get a window ac in lung room? My tent go to 90 the other day cuz i forget to turn it on. hope i didn’t screw up. anyway , in an hour was to 77.

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I can put one in there. I just feel like that’s going to be costly?

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It will and that’s why some people get $10-$15 a gram for this weed.


Fair enough

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I never worry about it. Long as it stays below 85 degrees, you should be ok. Not all of us can control the environment. I live in a Cracker Jack Box as they did not use drywall nor insulation. Best I can do is keep plenty of fans running and room cold.