Temperature Control

Here’s a fun one I don’t want to run a space heater during night cycle and my grow room is dipping into low 60s I am debating a radiant heat source circulating water through a hose with a recirc pump and heating a res with either aquarium heater or infra red heat lamp. Any thoughts

In conduction, the heat flow is within and through the body itself. In contrast, in heat transfer by thermal radiation, the transfer is often between bodies, which may be separated spatially. Also possible is transfer of heat by a combination of conduction and thermal radiation. In convection, internal energy is carried between bodies by a moving material carrier. In solids, conduction is mediated by the combination of vibrations and collisions of molecules, of propagation and collisions of phonons, and of diffusion and collisions of free electrons. In gases and liquids, conduction is due to the collisions and diffusion of molecules during their random motion. Photons in this context do not collide with one another, and so heat transport by electromagnetic radiation is conceptually distinct from heat conduction by microscopic diffusion and collisions of material particles and phonons. But the distinction is often not easily observed, unless the material is semi-transparent.

In the engineering sciences, heat transfer includes the processes of thermal radiation, convection, and sometimes mass transfer. Usually, more than one of these processes occurs in a given situation. The conventional symbol for the material property, thermal conductivity, is k.

I am looking for a 3f raise in temp which doesn’t take much have several options space heater being last choice in theory I could wrap hose around a 5 gal bucket with small fan connected to bottom in essence making a 150 watt radiator. Adding co2 generator is a last option and frankly costly if this was permanent location would be easier but not the case lmao

If you have heard of “hand warmers” “hothands”, if you can get enough of those they are about 3" long x 2"wide each one gets up to 150f maybe 2 for every 3 ft of space and you could raise it about 3f have a total of 12-15 in your area should raise entire room 3f , also you could tape bubble wrap on the walls that would act like an insulator and help hold heat. Lol just an idea

You can try heating water, running it through copper tubing and have the tubing wrapped around a fan housing in several coils. I have done this in the past but with cold water to build a homemade ac unit for a small room. Worked like a champ. In thermodynamics there is always an attempted equilibrium, in the case the fan drawing cool air across the heated copper tubing will result in the liquid cooling down inside but thanks to equilibrium heating the air being pulled across. Doesn’t have to be copper, any tubing material that can easily transfer heat will work.

Some pics of what I did to give ya a visual idea lol. It cooled a 10x10 room by 10 degrees from 88 to 78. Water temp was maintained at 50f with water bottles.


that was more or less my idea using warm water trying an alternative 24 hour cycle in my veg room and pushing the heat into my flower room will see how much temp rises then adjust to add dark cycle back just trying to finish flush on 4 ready ladies. They aren’t drinking fast enough with the current temps

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