Temperature control switch?

Has anyone ever used or does anyone recommend a temperature control switch that I could have my fan connected to so that when my tent gets to cold from my fan it would turn off?

How cold is it getting ? I might consider a auto heater for the room the tent is in . I personally don’t like to turn my tent fans off ever . They prevent to many problems like knats , powdery mildew , humidity. But unless it is getting in or below the mid fifties I just wouldn’t worry about it

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I agree with @Oldstoner on never shutting off fans
And installing a small heater instead

You’d have to wire it in but something like that would work if your set on shutting off exhaust fan
Good luck and happy growing

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Agree 100% @Oldstoner. I turned my fan off for one day on my first grow and never again. I had little bugs flying everywhere. As soon as I saw them, I turned on the fan and the fan stays on all the time now !