Tell Me What You Think (new microscope)

So I invested in a new microscope, the old one crapped out, just a cheapo. Give me your opinions on the quality and a guess when I might harvest? I’m thinking I could harvest now, but I think I should wait until some amber appears!

Cherry Pie #1

Cherry Pie #2

What microscope did you use for those pics?

Tricombs are still clear got a while, you want milky cloudy ones and a touch of amber

Another week or two? Don’t even see one Amber in there.

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Oh boy your at that stage of anxiety.
Let it go a week chek them if no amber run anouther week and chek again. These are exiting times.


Microscope pictures have one drawback, seeing the whole picture.
Observer must focus on one specific area for visual clarity, looking for the best characteristic being observed. Shooting ?

Your “white Pistils” need to turn amber., darker than mine.

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This is the one I got $39.99.


Thanks those images are more precise, I need to get mine more focused and little closer.

@dunnitagain — Thank you!

Small areas focus well.
Not always photo-well.
Most fun,
Bud porn smiles sure are.