Techniques used at pre harvest

I have seen where some people use a knife and split the stalk of their plants and insert wedges . I am asking why, when and what are the expected results of such an action. All suggestions and opinions are very welcome. Thank you for all input…:thinking: :v:

It stresses the plant and it reacts by creating more resin (in theory).


@Drinkslinger, so when would be the appropriate time to administer this technique. Thanks…:thinking:

5-7 days before chopping them down.

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence pointing to the increase in resin/trichomes, but I don’t think there’s any empirical data. I do it just in case it does work.


Stabbing the roots with a sharp knife, cutting the bark, or decreasing the watering does the same thing, it slows the uptake and shocks the plant into finishing.


From my understanding, the resin is kind of a sunscreen for the plants. If the plant starts getting dehydrated then it’ll start producing more resin to protect itself. I kind of feel like it’s better to just decrease watering like @Shatter said. I think the slower process may give it more time to produce resin as apposed to shocking the plant. I think it’ll give more energy to repairing the split instead of sending the resin to the buds to protect it. That’s just my theory though😋