Tech support on Cannon sx 520 Powershot camera

Wife has thousands of pictures from the house, can those be downloaded to phone ?

Android samsung a13 5g.

I took this with the attatchment that came from p4p kit we ordered.

Would love to have her take pictures with her camera.
Seed dropped 1 sept. 26 days into flower.


The only thing I could suggest is to use a card reader plugged into your phone.

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Found compatible usb cable and reading on downloading the software that might work. Not having internet has never been an issue. Till now.

Every year, my sweetie gets amazing pics, would love to share them and would like her to take trich pictures to post.

Will search card reader out also, sounds doable aswell.

Never thunk it, a cardreader for cameras, never had need for it. 17.00, issue resolved. Thanks for the point in the right direction. Wife is very happy.