Team, think this could be nutes burn as well but like to get your thoughts

Hey team, so we decided there was a multitude of issues going on, right?! Instead of scraping her, i put her in with my pumpkins, with a nute-rich soil and pretty much left her alone with the exception of a little water, and low and behold her new growth is straightening out and looking good. It got me thinking about the soil, and i think the deficiencies in the seedling mix i started with could have been what started the problems that I tried to fix, and in the end only exacerbated the situation. It’s a seedling mix with peat moss, vermiculite, coir pith and lime, and it could be okay for the first week or so but I don’t think it’s enough for plants to work with so I plan to mix it with some happy frog putting soil next time. It occurred to me because the other plant is doing so much better and the baby, well check her out.

See the twisting and bumpyness. And I haven’t given her anything but water. Maybe some fertilizer will counter the nute-lessness of the soil?