Teach Me The Ways Of Re-vegging

I shall utilize your wisdom, ye of many clones. :bowing_man::pray:t2::sunglasses::+1:t2:
I can’t believe you managed to keep those alive for that trip. :exploding_head::joy:
That sucks about the fire though. :sob:
Thanks again for all the tips and encouragement. :sunglasses::+1:t2:

A fun tool to master.
Not all survive DDD (brother to Conan, the Destroyer)

Clone Dome Farming started 8-1-2023

Freed Clone Dome residents started 7-4-23

SUPERCROP Candidate, started 7-4-2023

She has roots!

Hanging in yard for a couple of weeks.
Cheaper than seeds, even if 60% fail, I got at least 4 winners in the stable, for moving on up to tent, when there is a vacancy. At least two in tent from same strain as this cuper lady.
Big sister

and of course,
Mother, my prize re-veger started from 5/2023 harvest.

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You definitely got this clone thing going on bro! Those girls are rocking. I appreciate the glimpse behind the curtains. :wink::joy::sunglasses::+1:t2:

Sharing is caring.
Disappointments will come, but it is worth learning.
Cloning and re-veging skills compliment seed production.
All support growing and hopefully, harvesting.

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Just started a β€œLittle Sister” and added to Clone Dome farm
for a week or two, then tent time.

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I love that plants get released from there like prison. :joy::sunglasses:

I love putting them in and then freeing, either to dirt or trash.

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I sensed that. :joy::sunglasses:

Is it true that re-vegging can add potency to the buds??? I like the idea of cloning a particularly good growing or producing plant (have never done it myself but want to soon), but would re-vegging be a better way of adding potency to a particular plant??? From what I have read, clones are going to grow and produce pretty much identical to the mother??? Is this true. Any input on cloning and re-vegging would be great!!!

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