TDS monitoring and adjusting

Can someone tell me how to correct TDS problems (over or under the desired levels). I grow in soil. I monitor ph, humidity, temp and adjust my nutes to GH grow charts of feed to waste. I am new here and have several years experience growing. I am always looking to improve the quality of my harvest. I have never monitored my TDS but I have had very good luck in the past even when not doing so. Thankyou for the advice and I’m honored to be on this forum.


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Usually growers who want to bring their TDS down just does periodic flushes throughout the grow to help salt build ups. I personally dont worry about it being in a soiless medium.

But you can use products like florakleen or something that helps break down the salts.

Plain water helps to. Just pour in a gallon at a time and measure the runoff each time until you get to the desired ppm.

As far as upping it, that would just be increasing the strength of feeds.


Thankyou for your time. I do flush on a regular basis


No worries, here to help any time. Holler if you need anything :metal:


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What nutrients are you using? You mentioned GH shcarts, and it made me wonder if you are using GH nutes? I did for my first few years. :slight_smile:

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