Tasty strain

I’m trying to find a strain that has a slight mango after taste with more of a sativa high. Any suggestions?

I know that Orange Bud, may have the fruity taste you are looking for. Perhaps one of our breeders can chime in. Sorry, I could not be more help.

I would have to say a blueberry or purple haze for a very fruity taste, maybe orange bud as well. Many American Sativas, and I don’t mean the new California breeds, but the original landraces from mexico, central america, and south america have, at least some have a generic fruity flavor that I always thought was where blueberry got its flavor from, but I’ve never seen a detailed account of all of blueberry’s genetics and as I know it has indica dominant traits I could be entirely wrong but I’m fairly sure those mexican or south american sativa strains are where a strain called Juicy Fruit came from. It really reminds you of Juicy Fruit gum. If you can find Juicy Fruit it may come closer to the taste you are looking for, otherwise I say give one of these other strains a try. Personally I love the smell of blueberry plants the most.

Thanks for the info I think I will try a couple of those. I’m sure they are tasty