Tangerine dream to flush or wait

Here is some pictures of my tangerine dream auto wondering if I should start flush I’m at about 75 percent red hairs what do you think? Please zoom in

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I’d say you have a couple of weeks yet to go maybe three.

Have you gotten a look at the trichomes?

You will need some type of magnification device. You are looking for mostly/all cloudy with 20% amber.

Nice looking plant.


I’ve been working to get that but use a magnifying app which allows me to see that they are now turning white oppose to just clear I’m thinking 2 week @PP3121

Make sure to check the bud tricomes not the ones on leaves :+1:


Sounds like you have a good idea of your trichomes situation.

What I learned, and maybe this is just my poor stressed-out girls, it took much longer for them to finish than I thought. I flushed way too early and harvested about two weeks too soon.

Stay patient, use the magnification tool, and you will reap a nice bounty!

Thanks @Okie70 for that detail. :call_me_hand:t3:

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Thanks that was my plan to let them go a little longer about two weeks or so.

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