Tale of two plants; why is one a midget

Tale of two plants. Same ILGM bought white widow auto seeds. Both seeds from same package, sprouted on or about 1 March. Using same medium; purple cow indicanja. Same nutes (fox farm).

Why so different? Why the midget? Not that I don’t like midgets.


Autoflower seeds produce runts at times. Suggest growing photos if you want more consistent results.

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It happens with autos. My first auto got me 4oz and it was a wwa. My last auto got me 1/4 oz :joy::man_shrugging: then I got an auto now that’s been vegging for 6 weeks this Friday. And she’s doing good imo. In a 10 gal pot her canopy is every bit as big as the pot. She showed sex but she hasn’t started her stretch yet. The auto that I got 1/4 oz off of grew 70 days from seed to harvest. The one I got 4oz off of took me around 100 days.


My first and last auto which I harvested two days ago was girl scout and I haven’t weighed yet. It’s drying now. But I estimate about 1/2 ounce. I bought the seeds from ILGM in December 2022 and tried and failed to get a sprout. My wife managed to get one going indoors in late January. We put up a greenhouse on Easter Weekend and I place the plant in there. It was a runt too but my excitement at watching and reading was overwhelming. Hope the end product is good


But look at how much more full and dense the shorty is. My first grow I got more yield from the smallest condensed plant than all the tall open ones.


:rofl: Midget… I think its little person now…But yeah I still say Midget too… :shushing_face:

Like this family The Rollofs… From the T.V. series “Little People Big World” The Parents are “Little People” along with one of their twin sons who is also little the other 3 kids are average size… Plants of the same strain will differ sometimes in all very different ways size shape smell potency terps etc.and like @MidwestGuy says Autos have a higher percentage of doing this.
My very first (Legal) plants were ILGM Autos… Blueberry… those plants were all huge for Autos…I got spolied and thought that all of the Autos would be so productive…sometimes they were sometimes not…
If you prefer Autos then keep trying different strains and even seed banks and hope for the best…or and yes maybe try Photos… Good luck!


I hear you on the blueberries :blueberries: they even smell like blueberries :blueberries: and taste like blueberries :blueberries:. I wonder if the amnesia and Northern lights is the same cuz that’s all I’ve been growing. Everything has been awesome and yes I bought the seed pack from I love growing marijuana. I would like them to have a berry pack of autoflowers. Like blueberries, grapes, bananas, oranges, snozberries strawberries, razberries ETC.
And on the small person thing I’ve been with a few women who were 4 ft one was 3’11’. How I know because when I was in my twenties six flags season passes. So I have much :two_hearts: love :kissing_heart: for the small people.

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Don’t lose faith in the shorties… lol

As a side note, I would highly recommend LST’ing on your next run.

Here are some progression shots of my shortie.

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Wow! That’s either a way over-performing plant or I’m doing it wrong lol. Nice!

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Autos drive me nuts anymore. I am back to photo with auto fillins. Seems to happen more and more as we dilute these strains.

Its honestly just results of early LST with metal stakes. Super easy to place and adjust.

Here is my current auto at 38 days since seed drop. Also it is in a 10 gal. I haven’t done any training other than tucking leaves. I’ll prune off what won’t make the cut when she’s been in flower for about 3/4 weeks.


That one should be produdutive


@Bawstan_boi My first ILGM grow with Autos (That I never heard of at the time ) Was Blueberry Auto They were pretty big and bushy and I got a great yield from them…They didn’t have that super Blueberry smell and taste as much as the Photo BB that I got from a friend but still it was a great first experience yet it spoiled me…I thought ALL of my auto grows would be so productive…Not so… N.L. is another good strain Ive had good luck with that too!


I must have got lucky with the smell like blueberries in the taste like blueberries :blueberries: on all my blueberry grows. It even stained the paper where you licked it through like you bruised the joint :cold_face:. The weekend before I was harvesting years ago I had my old girlfriend’s come by to show them what I’ve been up to they couldn’t believe the blueberry smell and taste. Those were my first seeds I bought so maybe they got me very best years created LOL like wine. I’m going my last blueberry right now with two amnesia Haze.
Out of all three weeds I get the most rave out of the blueberry from any of my friends who has tried it. Is a pic of my last blueberry

She still has about 8 weeks left maybe 9

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She looks sweet!!..Yes I do love a good Blueberry tasting weed…!!!

The WWA is really healthy looking at this point. Sprouted on 22 March, she is 56 days old. I checked on her today and the flowering is going strong. I have only been watering once a week and without nutrients. I just don’t want to screw up something that’s working.

These pics were taken last Saturday.

strong text

And these are from just now. Should I drop a couple tablespoons of big bloom and tiger bloom at next watering or just let it ride without nutrients

I like autos. I don’t care if I grow 3 plants or 10 plants I always get a midget.

Here’s a midget autoflower from my last grow. She only got 11-1/2 inches tall but she did 2 oz dried.

Here’s another Autoflower from my last grow and she did 1 lb of dense buds and 4-3/4 oz of trim 21 oz total dry

Autoflowers are like cracker Jack prizes you just never know what you’re going to get