Taking main cola early

Can you take main cola early and allow rest of plant to fatten up? Will I need to flush first then feed again or just clip it and let the rest go

You’ll risk the chance of stressing it and causing a hermi

I’ve harvested the top of some plants and allowed the rest to finish. Only waited a week. If the top is ready you should have stopped the nutes a while ago

Not positive but if I remember correctly she is only about 5 weeks flower

@HornHead yes 5 weeks into flower but if I have to flush first I just want to be prepared I can’t believe I got this far the first time and I don’t want to lose it

What’s wrong that you think you may lose it

Nothing just paranoia I guess first time jitters

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Let it ride another 3-4 weeks. You’ll be happy you did


Let it keep growing. You have done well and there’s much to be gained by being a patient expectant grower. Be a good idea to keep watching for mold and bugs. Continue feeding for at least two more weeks. Maybe even 4 weeks.
After all, you have done the hardest part in NOT killing it off…keep it going it only gets better.

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