T5s for autos? what distance?

I have 2 SS autos in 2x2 grow area in soil. Have kept 2’ 4 bulb T5 approx. 3 inches from plants for 4 weeks. It is the only light I will use for this grow. Should I leave it this close for flower or raise it for a little more stretch as they are only 10 in. tall

Usually you do not want less intense light for flowering. And so I’d have to say leave it close.


I agree. I am doin a WW auto grow. Started them under the same 2’ 4 bulb T5 and kept that at 3" until I switched to my digital 400 MH/HPPS

If you are going to use only a T5; Keep it 3" approx. as you have been doing, and as mentioned above by MacG. Peace

Here are my WW auto under T5 approx. 1 week

Thanx for the insight fellers. Might be time to invest in the I power 400w switchable. Think it’s too late for this grow?

Do you recommend the basic wing reflector or the 6" cool tube reflector for the I power 400w switchable system. I have no tent just an air conditioned 8x8 room. no intake or exhaust fans. thanx