T5 grow full cycle

I just had a auto blueberry just sprout today!!! How long till I can maybe expect harvest time?? 56 days?? I’m using T5’s all the way through cycle


just Harvested my first on March 3 tricomes all milky white (live camera no pics) on day 68. I did use 10,00 watt mH and 1200-1300 ppm CO2 the first month before switching to T5 and ambient air.

How do u post pics?

She is 30 days old! :wink:

Lol that one is not auto though, its just blueberry feminized

Those plants look great. Just be patient. Get a 60-100x pocket microscope, and watch the trichomes ion order to tell when to harvest, The best thing you can do…Is wait. :slight_smile:

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