Synthetic to Organic

Due to problems during veg with fox farms trio and nutrient lock, I was wondering if it is possible to move from synthetic to organic when going from Veg to Flower. I was planning to move to flower next week and was considering Gaia Green power bloom instead of continuing with the gf trio… any recommendations or cautions, please let me know.

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Suggest going with Jacks 321 instead. It won’t create the issues related to the Trio.


I used Gaia green


2 different plants there

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Just gotta get away from the fox farms. Alot of us moved on, me included. Jacks to the end. I never need to guess if they are getting enough or too much.


A question regarding Jack 321, I have moved to Jack’s from FF Trio and have a question regarding addition of other nutrients or Macro elements.

Should I be using Calmag in addition to the Jacks 321 if I am using RO Water?

Are there any additional supplements that should be used in conjunction with jacks during:

  • Veg State

  • Flowering State

Also, I find my tap water is 6.8 ph and after RO, it goes to 5.7, Since I have to use quite a bit to raise the PH to 6.6-6.7, is it better to use a natural ph raising agent like baking soda or a commercially purchase ph up from a company like General hydroponics?

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If i need to ph up or down i use the ph solution. Im organic as well but havent used any of it in a few grows

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