Symptoms are spreading

Same pic without the flash on

The discoloration in the margins is a light green/ yellowish color

Have you used a loupe and checked the under side of the leaf for mites? That’s how mine looked with the spots almost like mildew and some looked like calcium deficiency but it was definitely spider mites.

I haven’t seen any evidence of mites yet. Undersides of leaves are clean no eggs or droppings that I have found . I do the paper trick once a week ( white piece of paper under different areas of the plant and gently shake then smear any dots looking for blood) and no webbings

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I never seen webbing. They were mainly on my smaller lower leaves. Ok just a thought. You say it’s spreading so is this happening on upper leaves as well?

I have two sugar leaves tha have been affected @Jbum

And quite a few mid fan leaves that have browned crispy edges with red/brown spots and the beginning of discoloration in the margins (the white is the flash reflecting off the leaves)

Check this out @Watt-Sun see if this may help you identify. Your in front of the plant so you can tell way better than a pic can show.

It looks like nute burn on the tips.

Deficiencies with pics, descriptions and remedies

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The edges look like potassium and the spots look like calcium deficiencies. I’m using a complete nutrient line specifically for coco so that’s why I’m not sure what’s going on. Technically I shouldn’t be seeing any deficiencies. @Jbum

@Watt-Sun Does the line your using have a cal/Mag supplement?

And how old again? Any new growth if so how does that look?

It’s the advanced nutrient ph perfect line for coco. You aren’t suppose to need to use any cal/mag.

76 days old
32 days into flower
Yes the buds are making plenty of new sugar leaves and except for those 2 the seem dark green but healthy

Little nute burn going on perhaps a bit of nitrogen tox? That dark green could be a sign of that. Not a pro here by all means just trying to eliminate possibilities with ya.


Yeah i want to back off the nitrogen but the nute line I’m using is an A&B style . A is a 4-0-0 but has all the calcium and mag , iron etc. In it. So if I cut that back I also lose out on them .

To me they look fine.
Your Half way into flower…expect to see more yellowing, spots and the like as you get closer to harvest. You don’t want them to stay picture perfect. They will naturally draw from older leaves nutes needed elsewhere. If that’s all that’s showing as far as spots etc I say no worries.

My thoughts anyway


This a normal amount of leaves that drop? I get this much about every other day . Each pile is from different plants.

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I don’t see a thing wrong. You are probably at the upper end of the tolerance of the plant for the nute load you have; you could bring that down to around 1,000 ppm with no ill effects. You are going to start seeing some deficiencies but I like keeping the plant green as long as possible. Those green leaves are making sugar for flower production.

Coco requires periodic flushing and I think I would dose it with a 1/2 strength dose of cal mag as coco does tend to sequester calcium. This can cause other issues and they can magnify over time.

Plant looks great overall.


Should I add the 1/2 dose cal/mag to my nutes ? Or do it with a separate watering ? @Myfriendis410

I run coco also but gh flora trio. In 7 gallon pots it takes about 1.5 gallons before I get run off. On feed days, I’ll run about 4 gallons of plain ph water through then a gallon of nutrient water. On plain water days, I still feed at about 1/4 strength and around 3ml calmag a gallon. The 4 gallons of plain water assures no nutrient or salt buildup


Like you I tend to dose cal mag on water only days. No idea if it makes any difference but it’s a good reminder for me.

Your plants look fine so whatever you do just do in moderation. You are being a good Papa.

Thanks lol it’s tuff to watch them discolor and spot up when I’ve strived to keep them pristine . It’s My first grow that made it this far without a hermie.

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