Switching Nutes

Going to ditch the fox farms and switch to Sensi Bloom and big bud and finish with overdrive.thoughts?

I’ve been a satisfied Advanced Nutrients customer for many years, I use the Connoisseur line. Keep in mind their “pH perfect” thing is perfect for hydro, not so perfect for soil, easy adjustment though.

What ratio you recommend for Autos? Thanks for your help.

I’ve found the Sensi line works great in both soil and in hydroponics.
The mix ratios for soil are the same regardless of whether you are growing photoperiod or autoflower plants.
Below is the mix ratios for the entire soil line. Keep in mind that:

  1. You do not need all of the supplements listed, but they are there should you choose to try them.
  2. These are general guidelines and you still need to pay attention to that your leaves are telling you. Some strains like lots of nutrients and some like very little. But most thrive in the ranges shown.

Now, this is the key to mixing Sensi products correctly:
Add part A to your water. Mix and wait 5 minutes.
Add part B to your water. Mix and wait 5 minutes.
Now you can add your supplements. I like to add them one at a time with a few minutes in between, but it’s not technically necessary.

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Yep, good schedule, just got to read the plants, if getting “too dark green” cut back a bit, if looking a little pale, kick it up a little. Also the adjustment I brought up was ph, while 5.8 is “ph perfect” for hydro, I like to adjust to 6.5 for soil.

I just started using recharge 3 months ago… love it… Fox farm trio also.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Will start feeding them today and watch. Have a great day be safe.