Switching grow medium?

What’s up everybody! I was wondering if switching from coco coir to a fox farms potting soil would be advisable at any time of the plant slide cycle? Outdoor grow if that helps. Thanks!

@Nickgrows are you planting them in the ground now and looking for a soil option or just moving them to a large pot before you plant them outside?

@Ah-hee I’m talking about for when I move them outside in their pots — 5gal fabric pot.

Plants life cycle *

Last season I did a peat moss, garden compost, chicken shit mix. With a miracle grow all purpose feed.

This year I’ll be trying a peat moss, organic compost, and wormcasting and bat guano mix from Fox Farm. Going to try to grow in 15 gallon fabric pots this year so I can move them to the sunny spots if needed. Last season I grew directly in the ground. Happy Growing! Do you have a grow journal yet?

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That’s sounds great! I’m Interested to see what the crops final product looks like. I do not have a journal