Switching back from 12@12 to 20@4

Got 4 gg autos in Coco coir using pH perfect nutrients with bud candy and big bud Coco , running 1000 watt LED 3 out of 4 did fine growed there pistols and went into flowering but the one got her pistols just fine but won’t bud thinking on jump starting her to 12@12 lighting so she will bud question is if and when I do will it mess with the other plants and if she does bud can I go back to my 20@4 which is what I’m running now.

You really only need 12/12. What brand light are you using. @dbrn32 will be able to tell you if you need longer than 12/12

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I would just run at 12/12.

Has anybody switch back to there regular light schedule after going to 12@12 on autos that would not bud untill they did jump start them with a 12@12 schedule. Know there autos because they grew there pistols under my 20@4 schedule. Really would like to get a straight answer.