Support Ticket diseased plants

Noticed few black leaves earlier hours later spread over whole bud and on to other plant black looks wet on top at first plant on left is auto rite is photo watered heavy yesterday

Sup. Tic.
Flowering double grape,memphisito and veg. Gold leaf ILGM

Organic soil

Fabric Pots

Ph on the flowering is 7.4 ppm 540 and the veg is.6.4 ppm 410 both done as slurry with distilled water

400 w led

Temp days 76 night 66 highs of 80 lows of 60

Yes 4"Ventilation on timer 15 min per hour no humif

Can you add some pictures?

Am I reading the pH right?

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Good call @StonedCold13 , that was going to be my next question

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Looks like it could be some mold and white powdery mildew (WPM). Is that ph of 7.4 correct? If so, you are out of range for the plant to uptake nutrients and locking out others.


What is the humidity at?

Humidity is at 64 rite now

How can i safly bring down the ph im always worried about raising it

I dont get how ph is so hi odd

Easiest way is with ph down mixed to 6.5 ph and flush the soil until the runoff ph comes down into range. It looks like it’s struggling to uptake calcium which is the essential building block for cannabis


The second picture looks like possible bud rot I would check it carefully if in doubt cut it out


What are you spraying on them as I see some type of oil? Do you have spider mites? I agree with @MattyBear on the powdery mildew on that one leaf it sure looks like it. Get the humidity down or add more wind.

If that’s powdery mildew you have a serious problem. One that must be addressed quickly as it’s a plant killer. Many alcohol based products will kill it. Cut off any infected parts first and don’t smoke that sheet.

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Get the ph to 6.5. You can pick up ph up and down most places. Amazon has them. Do a bud wash for sure after chop.

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