Supplimental CO2

Can supplimental CO2 extend the Bloom cycle? My White Widows now 8 1/2 weeks into bloom show plump yellow hairs and about 75% milky tricomes.

Hi, supplemental co2 wont extend bloom period it usually speeds it up a little bit, if your grow space is sealed and you don’t need your exhaust fan going much as it sucks all of the co2 out and keep the appropriate ppm level of co2 you will get a larger harvest, next time add co2 when you change photoperiod to flower and you should notice the difference, your plants sound like they are almost ready for harvest.

Merry xmas.

The picture shows the tricomes from a White Widow exactly 9 weeks into bloom. My past 2 harvests showed all milky with some amber 8 1/2 weeks into bloom. the major chamber upgrades for this harvest is upgrade from 600 watt to 1000 watt Mh/HPS and the supplemental CO2. Harvest about 25% complete until the picture results. It is a SCROG and will be harvested over time as undergrowth budding needs more light time.
Does Added CO2 extend the bloom cycle.

Looks good, I just read an old article about co2 supplementation and it said “if co2 levels are kept too high it will inhibit ethylene gas production that the plant needs to ripen and some people do this to extend flowering period then cease co2 so the plant can start ethylene production to mature”
so I guess you possibly could do that, hope this helps.


Sounds like it is time for you to reduce nutrients in order to achieve the best tasting yield. You definitely need to start C02 much earlier. Glad to hear of your successful grow efforts. Peace

Nice answers Brendan! :slight_smile:

I gave the plants an Advanced Nutrient’s Final Phase flush on the 15th and 19th and then nothing but water up to harvest. Total yeild of White Widow is 11 oz., 22g of prime bud plus shake from 7 plants. The misses took the 1st 3 oz’s. before I had time to snap the pic. Goto keep her happy. Thanks for the help. Nice start to the new year.

Very nice start to the new year good on ya! yeah a happy wife= happy life lol.
Did you top or fim the ladies? how long did you veg them for?
Jorge cerventas (if that’s how its spelled) has a good youtube clip on bubble hash using shake (or keif we call it here in AUS) he explains and shows how to do it like the pros I believe its one of the better bubble hash clips on youtube.
it wont be hard to find just type in bubble hash and look for it if you want.
but I think MacG has a link to it so maybe he can post the link?

Cheers, Brendan.

I am so glad to witness your success. Peace

The cycle timer not only tightened the limits of 1300-1400 ppm CO2 and extended the propane tank from 10 days to now 14 days. Thanks for the advice Latewood!

My first all CO2 boosted harvest now is into week #6. Should I start cutting back on the CO2 prior to harvest ang if so when?