Superkurts 2024 outdoor grow

Man do you ever get problems with things digging underneath your plants I just found I was watering and my Skywalker was leaning over and the roots were kind of stinking out I put my foot down next to the plant and my foot sank at least a foot into the ground some asshole is tunneling underneath my garden. Fucker I grabbed some dirt really quick from the other side of the garden and made sure it was contacted down. This is stupid I have sprayed so much animals repellent I have a cage the fucker eats the food and escapes somehow I even cemented in a couple of his holes still keep coming back ughhh.


Moles they dig where grubs are and can make a mess underground!


Yes I lost some plant’s because something was digging them up at night sprinkle some cayenne pepper flakes around you’re plant’s it worked for me and it’s cheap

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So far I only read the first few posts and my first thought is that 3 gallon pots are way too small for an outdoor grow, especially one started so early. A 3 gal may be fine for an indoor grow but outdoors is a completely different beast.

This is my Northern Lights right now, just snapped this pic a few days ago. She is in a 30 (not 3) gallon pot. She was transplanted outside in mid June (at that time was in a solo cup) and she already has roots starting to poke out of the holes at the bottom of the 30 gal. What does this mean? Even 30 gallons of soil is not idealfor an outdoor plant vegged longer than one month. She isn’t root bound yet but might be by the end of the grow even in a 30.

A friend of mine that works at the local grow shop uses 100 gallon pots for his outdoor plants because he starts them in February. I start mine in April.


The only time this happens to me is the day after using fish fertilizer or after using coast of maine plant food or lobster meal.

It seems animals try to dig up your dirt because they think there is something to eat in it. If your dirt smells like fish or lobster it makes sense that they would. Usually a small hole in the dirt doesn’t bother the plant much though.

I spray rabbit n deer repellent regularly to keep animals out. Cayenne pepper can help but honestly I would invest in real products if you want the wild animals to take you seriously. Pissing all over your grow area also helps as this is the most natural way to mark your territory and communicate with other animals “this is mine”, otherwise they honestly do not know it is yours. Animals speak the language of pee.

Looks like Septoria Leaf Spot, some of my plants had it last year. Glad to see you took them out of those 3 gallon pots.

Oxidate will work against Septoria but is expensive. It is difficult to keep under control.

Septoria can be confused with calcium deficiency but honestly your problem looks more like Septoria. The onlybreason I recognize it so quickly is because I’ve had to battle it before. I don’t think there is a cure.

Also I see you put your plants near walls. Every single time I put a tomato plant near a wall of some sort, it develops Septoria Leaf Spot. The disease is extremely common with tomatoes and is caused by poor air circulation. Your plants should always be 5 feet MINIMUM from any walls if you wish to avoid Septoria and other fungal/mold issues. In an indoor grow room where you control the environment, you can put plants near a wall. In an outdoor environment where pathogens are always present and weather often misbehaves you simply should not put a plant near a wall. Again, EVERY SINGLE TIME I put a tomato plant near a wall, it develops septoria. Tomatoes are even more prone to the disease than cannabis. It looks different in tomatoes, little black circles, but is in fact the same pathogen.


Well I sprayed a little too much neem while it was sunny because a few leaves got pretty crispy on me I guess I’ll spray at night only for now on live and learn


All this rain means I’m pretty sure my grow is fucked everything is floating up out of the ground all the roots are showing plants are leaning over I just said fuck it and went inside I’m not even going to look at them for the next 2 days they are pretty much done in my opinion

You might be surprised, I’ve had 5 footers under water for almost 12 hours, and grew up to be 12 feet. So don’t count them out. Remember they are a weed. Just a little TLC and right back at it. No need to worry. :+1:


O man they were completely out of the ground I pulled up my butternut squash because something kept eating it anyway and I moved one of the plants there just so there is a little more breathing room in between the plants and I reburied the plants and put a bunch of dirt around the base and stamped it down with my feet really good

Those 2 small ones are still kind of close but I think they should be ok I hope I have everything under control now I moved those plants so quick I don’t even think i stressed them at all probably didn’t even know I moved them at all took me about 15 minutes because I wanted out of the rain lol I had 3 plants crammed in that corner at one point so it should be a little better now too give some more room to grow we will see I hope I saved them


This is the last year I grow I’m losing everything I paid for these seeds I’m pissed I could have bought clones for cheaper lost my entire garden all my food all my weed everything every little thing I do to make my self happy I get fucked so I’m done all I ever wanted to do is grow good weed make a career out of it tried multiple times to get a job at a dispensary nothing whatever weed ain’t for me anymore I guess been smoking and loving weed for 15 years but it’s not loving me back so fuck it I’ll just drink and drink and drink because I can’t even find a shitty job that I don’t like that will hire me I can’t even get a job at fucking tim Hortons I call back and nothing I’ve been doing CNC mill and lathe work for years nobody will hire me feel like life is over at this point I can’t even afford to feed my family so I’m done and over with everything feel like I’m not a man and can’t even take care of my family no reason to live anymore it seems like

I’m really sorry to hear this. Wishing you some luck. :v: