SuperAutos? Making magic fem beans? How hard is it?

So ive been doing ALOT of reading. Does anyone here have experience with these super or XXL autos? Im thinking of buying a few beans and trying the silver spray method to make my self more of these super expensive seeds??? Anyone got good reads or expereince?? @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @ anyone else?? Looking at the octopussy as my indica and Think differnt as my sativa nothing set just some that caught my eye


@Hogmaster you have any thoughts here bro


There’s a guy in the lab forum that we think has a super lowryder AF. We named it slowryder because of how long it was taking to flower. It’s finally flowering now at 4’ tall!!! It’s gonna be a monster!

He happened to get it in a group of lowryder ilgm seeds!!! I’m not going to post pics of his plants, I’ll let him do that, he frequents over here though.


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It works for me

Ever done any reading on the rodelization method @Familyman420, maybe check that out

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What kind of bag do u cover the bud chosen to spray with? Im thinkin of putting a 300wat led in corner of my grow room above one superauto and making beans. What brand silver spray do u use?

Here you go… 4mo old on the 9th 7 of her sisters in most part are hanging.
ILGM Lowryder Bye 10 get 10 1st set of 10.

Slow Ryder!

Whats left of her sisters

All started same day all in M3 Soil RO Water 6.5 Cal-Meg every other watering and now silica Thank you @TDubWilly
I did add some Pa Poo


@crazyots thanks for spreading the love. Can u tag me so i can easily follow along. Are u 100% sure its an auto? It is huge, you should try to make more of her just incase she turns out to be some auto- bomb-digg-itty gift from the gonja-gods.

Are u 100% sure its an auto?

Yes I am as long as ILGM got the order right… I am sure they did.

and in No way am I complaining.

Yes I took 3 clones.Just in case.

Your Welcome @familyman420

I will tag you for sure Hopping it stops starching I may need to put in
a sun roof this winter… Not Good.


I’ll come help you Ots :+1:

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