Sunraise 1000 from amazon

Hi all. Just want to know what everyone thinks about 2 Sunraise 1000 in a 4’ x 3’ tent?
I have used 1 for my first grow with led’s and was not happy so now i am going to use 2 hoping for better buds.
I am new to led’s, so any and all comments are welcome.


These lights are known as “burples” and won’t produce quality, dense buds. The claims by the manufacturers on Amazon are misleading at best. Many of the experienced growers here have made the mistake of buying them (self included.) My burple is in a drawer and its next stop is probably the trash can. You can search on burples here on the site to read of others’ experiences.

You will be much, much better off going with MH, CMH, HPS, or a quality LED such as those built by HLG or Fluence.


Wow that is good to know, I didn’t know this was a burple that everyone was talking about.
I just might use them for veg and then go back to my old 400w hsp for budding.


OK I just had a crazy thought.
Has anyone ever used the drivers out of one of these with some good led’s or boards to do a diy?

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A 315W CMH 3,100 kelvin, will out produce a 400W MH (mars light)
The 400 MH is only in the 30+% wavelength efficiency for flowering spectrum, the CMH 3,100k is in the 80+% spectrum efficiency and produces robust juicy frosty fat delicious buds, and more of them! I have some used blasts and bulbs, I’m thinking about scrapping them for the copper content, because that’s all they’re worth! They are being given away on facebook and other online resources for free stuff! Even then, they’re not worth it, unless like me, you’re thinking “copper”!

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If you want to go the DIY route you can build yourself a very good lighting solution. I can’t help you, but let’s ask @dbrn32 to help. He’s the resident lighting expert.

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I have that light. It’ll grow but the buds are fluffy. I recently invested in 2 HLG 320xl rspec v2. It’s no comparison. Save your money and buy quality lights .

the bud on the right is mine. Held it up next to the bud I get from my guy on left. You can see the difference. This was a top cola bud


Those sunraise lights you would be wanting more like 4 of them for your space. Imo, you would be better off just biting the bullet and getting something decent. Your 400 watt hps is a better light than the sunraise, but you’d likely want a 600 if you were to stay with hps.

If you want to DIY with leds, I can help with that.

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Thanks for the replies.
The only thing I know is I will read and ask questions, So my next light will work well and save power.
That means I have alot to learn in the next couple of months. Till the next grow.

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I think @Hellraiser has a 4x4 and does use at least 1 600 HPS.

Your doing the right thing by asking a lot of questions. You found the right place here for that :wink:

Yeah still running 600 watt HPS over here, was all set to replace all my lights with some HLG lights but then this corona virus hit and I’m not spending money on anything noncritical at this point. Just stocking up on potting soil and nutes, I have enough for about a year of growing before I have to start re-using soil and using my urine for fertilizer.

I just had a harvest of 3 plants under the 600 watt HPS last weekend, got a total of 658 grams.

OK, I think I will go with this.

anyone think this won’t be enough or have a better idea in the same price range.

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A little on the week side. That light is better for 8 sq ft. 2 of those in the XL version turned down slightly would be good, but let’s see what @dbrn32 says

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They are right, that light a little small for 12 ft². I think the best single fixture hlg has for that space is called 320 xl. They have been changing their stuff up a little recently though.

OOPS, I guess I should have changed things, My tent is 4’x3’ it has a divider that you remove or not.
I will be putting it back in and that will give me 1’x3’ for seedlings and 3’x3’ to veg and bloom.
I know that changes things, but I think most have done this.
That being said do you think the 260W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit
Will be a good fit?

260 xw kit is designed for a 3x3.

yup that is what i was thinking, but it is sold out.
that is why i was thinking the 260W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit.
well i won’t need it for a couple of months, they might have them back by then.

You could get single board heatsinks and frame them up like the xw kit too if you wanted.

I have thought about doing that too.
Can you tell me what the difference is between the boards on HLG and Budget Led.