Sun direction on plants

Hi, I have an outdoor legal grow and all my plants are getting good sun… on one side. They way they are mounted one side and tops get full sun everyday but the back of the plant is backed up to a pallet. Since there are slits in the pallet the backside does get some sun but nowhere near what the front of the plant does. I would say the front of the plant is growing at a ratio of 4:1 to the backside. My obvious idea is to rotate the plant around so the other side can get direct sun for several weeks and catch up to the front. Does anyone suggest rotation, and if so how often would you rotate? I was thinking maybe once a month if that, but not sure. My plants look pretty lopsided, the front and side are exploding outward and the back, although it is growing is at a snails pace.

Rotating and letting some buds catch up slows or stops the good buds from developing, at this stage, if it is budding.
Next grow, train the back branches so they will grow towards the sunny side. Low Stress Training.

Paint the pallet titanium white and rotate pots 1/4 turn every day I rotate my plants everyday indoors this accomplishes several things at once I get a close inspection, plants get new light angles and I can feel the weight of pots to let me know how close they are to needing water. Even indoor lights have hot spots and since the sun in nature moves I believe it helps strengthen my stems and plants to keep them moving towards the light back and forth :wink:


I would be rotating every day so its all even period.
Dont mess around with your plants. They will reward you later


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And hey Donald excellent idea on the paint I didn’t even think about that …to shaaaa my friend


Cheap and effective if you think of outdoors as indoor growing it makes sense to use a reflective surface when you have one there

Absolutely…I was surprised I didn’t come up with it…my reasoning is because I painted custom home for 32 years…lol


I have white fence in my yard and damn weeds grow like crazy along it lmao

I am on day 55 today, no buds have started forming yet. Is it to late to rotate, or should I just let it be. Also, all the larger leaves that got nute burn and are pretty much yellowed or dead right now, should I trim those off since the plant is wasting energy on them?

That makes a lot of sense. The only thing is, the way my setup is, I have had to ‘‘hang’’ my mesh pots from their left and right handles. If I don’t they will fall and the dogs will eat them most likely. So basically I can rotate in 180 degree turns only, and everytime I do it I have to undo the hangers and redo the hangers, it’s a hassle to say the least. They have been getting hard sun on the same side for probably 5 weeks. The other side is growing, but the stems length is significant. atleast 3-4 inches in difference…

rotate daily as advised or as close to that schedule, not once for 3 weeks, if possible for your situation.
a small loss for this grow, learn preplan for next time, focus on what you have.

yes, dead leaves are dead, get rid of them.
yellowed may/may not come back…
if you have to trim leaves, be prudent, do it before flowers show.
the plant relies on those leaves for life and your flowers.

My opinion I’d rotate daily until you paint the pallet with a bright white color

Flat white paint cheap and effective. Any type of semi gloss or gloss paint won’t work…I know but flat paint is better…lol


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Yea flat white is bright and especially wouldn’t advise a gloss lol