Sulphur or iron defiency? Help please!

Just curious if anybody knows what this could be.

Run off was 1,600 ppm after i fed. 3rd week of flower. Light 22 inches, 650 watt led. Ph was 6.8 and 6.9 , just fed light with lower ph to lower the ph. Just trying to correct it. I put 1 t ps of epsom salt in hoping to correct it. I have a plant that is healthy in the back to see the difference in color. The lower leaves are dark green. Thanks for any info!

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Hi there. Wait for pics to fully load :100: % before hitting reply


Looking at the last picture plant looks hungry . Pick up the bloom feed a bit . Just my thoughts good luck :v:

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I agree. Looks like she wants some N in some of the photos. Iron and sulphur deficiencies are pretty rare (and bright yellow) so I’d just feed them more and see if it straightens out.

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Why is the bottom a dark healthy green? And im feeding at 1050 ppm. Fox farm nutes, i dont think id have a nitrogen defiency. I had this happen before then i upped the feed and then i went into a lockout thinking it was a nitrogen defiency.

Also im seeing purple on the outside edge of some of the leafs. Doesnt look genetic to me.