Suggestions on Temperature Control

Hi, all! Newbie question. I have 5 ak47 autos, 34 days growing in soil in a 3’x3’x80" tent. 3 days ago I cut on the exhaust fan because of the odor. My temperature is 84 f and the RH is 40. Is this okay? The tent is in an enclosed closet and I’ve opened the door to try and bring the temp down. The girls look fine, just don’t want to hurt them. Thanks.

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You should be ok at 84 degrees.
From what I understand when they get bigger they are able to evaporate more moisture so they can withstand higher temps.
Being autos they should begin to flower soon and I try and keep my humidity down during flowering so your humidity should be ok as well.

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Humidity is a little low and let me ask you this
Where are you reading your temps?
Should read near pots so you know temp around pots and in theroy your soil should be the same or close depending on moisture content :+1:
But 84 isn’t horrible

Thanks, @Countryboyjvd1971. I just put in my humidifier and it’s slowly upping the RH. The temp dropped to 79. Found this graph on youtube from spectrum king…

I just moved the temp/RH gauge to the pots. It was hanging from one of the bags midway up the tent wall. I was getting nervous about the temps because there are two 450w led arriving Saturday, and right now I’m just running a 300w led.