Suggestions for gaining height

This OG is 5 weeks old tomorrow, and is only 7 1/2” tall. It’s like a shrub. I’m running an hlg 350r on 197 watts at 25” for a ppfd of 325, and DLI of 23 according to Photone. It’s in a 10 gal. Rain Science pot, and is healthy. Any suggestions for getting some more height out of it? It’s growing out not up, like me. I was hoping to FIM it at around 15”, and start flowering around 20”.


I would be running DLI around 40 -45 at 5 weeks…what is your node/branch spacing?

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You could raise the light or dim it to make it stretch for light.
You could use Rspec light to get it to stretch.

I’ve read somewhere on here, maybe by @PharmerBob, that said you can trim leaves… Tips I think… On the top of plant to get the bottom to round out… Trim bottom leaves to get more height…?.. Not sure… Maybe he’ll stop by.

@Retiredoldguy is correct on the DLI.

Hope it helps… Nice healthy plant though… Great job!


About 1/4”.

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@Dexterado, dim and raise the light. I have started two grows now under a Diablo. And each time they were bushy with a short node distance. I never tried to go below what is recommended on the above chart, and was reading light with the phone app. Maybe I should have put away the chart and phone app during early veg, and just go by the amount of stretching the plant does.
Anyway I went back to the little clone tent with a two foot four tube fluorescent light. When I read the light level with the app set for a fluorescent light it shows only about 8 DLI. But as you can see in the pictures the last two weeks of this has been good to these little clones. These were placed in a different tent under the big light yesterday. I can already see a increase in branching and overall growth. I like starting with a little more stretching of the bottom nodes. Makes trimming and training much easier.


I’ll back the light off, and raise it. We’ll see what happens.


Since I have never measured a node distance I would be afraid to give you a number. But 1/4 would be on the short side.
If I were to go back to starting under the Diablo. I would use the light app to dial in about 15 DLI, and then adjust the light by the node distance. Ideally starting with the bottom nodes being longer, and maintaining some stretch through about 12 nodes.


That sounds like the consensus. Thanks.

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Trim those bottom branches and fan leaves.

Look up “lolly popping”

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Yeah, I always do that when they get a little height on them.

that is hard to believe you have a branch set every 1/4 inch on a 7 inch plant…if this is true she is doing very well and will grow into all those branches

You exactly right. Snipping leaves makes the plant think it’s being eaten/attacked and it’s natural defense is to grow away from the attack

Snip from bottom to make her grow up and from the top to make her grow out/wide


That’s good to hear. They’re definitely no more than a 1/4” apart.