Sugar leaves dieing on top of plant

T * Strain; Bag seed

  • Soil in pots. Soil in fabric pot. 5 gallon
  • System type?
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Water is 6.7
  • What is strength of nutrient mix is ff trio at half strength
  • Indoor or Outdoor. Indoor tent
  • Light system, size? 600 w led
  • Temps; Day, Night. 78
  • Humidity; Day, Night 55 to 61%
  • Ventilation system; Yes 2 fans and 6 inch carbon filter with 6 inch exhaust Vivosun fan
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, not needed at this point
  • Co2; no
    The only leaves affected right now are the very top sugar leaves on top bud. Other plant not affected.

Looks like heat/light burn to me. I good indicator of this is when your leaves start to “canoe”. Either move your light up, or decrease the intensity on it.

My light is 12 inch away and I can’t move it higher but I will switch it to bloom only. Hopefully that will help

Do you use led lights? I had to use zip ties to hang mine for vertical space

Yes. I had to re rig the long hangers that come with the light and that gave me about an extra 3 inches. At this point there is very little vertical growth. All energy seems to be going to the buds stacking up. ada226fb052bba3eff0d245a45fcf57051fb778e

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Just noticed another bud on the lower plant starting the same thing. I just flushed and once it dries out I will add nutes back along with some epson salt.

What are you feeding her ? I don’t think it’s your LED light. I have a 1200 watt LED, and I hang mine about ten inches from the girls and never got light burn. Looks like nute burn to me, but I will be interested to see what the experts on this site have to say about it. She doesn’t look to bad, nothing some good advice, and TLC, won’t take care of.

Im interested as well too, I feel bad I might have diagnosed incorrectly.

I don’t think it’s lighting either. Feeding fox farms trio at half strength. Could be lockout so that’s why I flushed it and will try feeding again in a few days

Don’t feel bad, just sit back and learn, that’s what I have been doing since I found this great site. @Kalverra @Drinkslinger @Budbrother @blackthumbbetty @Humanclone @ @Countryboyjvd1971

How often are you feeding ?

I use the same nutes at full strength, but only feed about once a week, that’s every other watering.

Did you flush according to the fox farms schedule before this?
What’s your runoff pH? Runoff ppms? And ppms going in?

I feed 2 times a week and water once in between

I was growing in ff soil then learned it wasn’t enough nutes for the whole grow. I got bad info on that. I have only fed 3 times since getting the nutes. Started off a 1/3 then increased to half

I’m leaning towards potassium deficiency, but light burn is always possible too. @garrigan62

If you are watering, and or feeding three times a week, she might be getting to much water. The soil should be dry to the touch before watering / feeding. Also, you will need more light when you go into the flowering stage, I have a 1200 watt, and I plan on getting another one for my next grow. My indoor plants grow in a 3 x 3 x 60" tent, you can’t have to much light for big bud growth.

Good luck !!! :smile:


Do you leave your exhaust fan on all the time ?

Yes to keep Oder down but I do turn it down at night just enough to keep negative pressure in the tent

That’s cool, I was just thinking it might get hot when, and if, you turned it off. What part of the country are you in ?