Substitutes for flower booster trio from Diablo?


Running two systems - one RDWC and the other is a flood table. I use Jacks 3-2-1 as my base nutrients for both systems.

I’ve been using the Flower trio (Monster K, Monster Flower, and Monster Blaster) from Diablo when my plants go into flower. I ran a test on identical clones with and without it, and there was a distinct difference for the better, so I think it’s worth adding.

Unfortunately, it seems something happened and these are now difficult to get in the United States in the quantities I want.

What flower boosters do y’all recommend?


Happy Cannaversary @Medmaker

I use Flower Fuel…

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Any type of Mono potassium phosphate if probably what you’re looking for.


I use Jacks 321, and when flower time comes I add the Fox Farm dry boosters.

I would download hydrobuddy and see if you can come up with final analysis with those products. If you have that you can use same program to try and mimic with other products.