Stupid lighting question

Probably a stupid question but is there such thing as too much light.
Wanting to fill out the whole stem on the Kola the back side it is kind of bear and flat where it’s not getting full light.
So I’m sticking a light shining directly on the backside of the cola should help yeah??

Yes there is such thing as too much light and we dont know what kind of lights you using. Maybe this dude could help @dbrn32

Its gonna be hard to fill that one single cola out top to bottom, just saying


Of course there’s a such thing as too much light. In what regards are we talking?

It looks like she didn’t have enough or the correct type of light to get to that condition. What do you have for lights? And what are you talking about adding?

Running a thousand watt LED full spectrum, just want to get them feeling up on the back side a little bit more those are the ones that were up against the wall in my closet so yeah just want them to fill out on the back sides more I’m still looking at 5 more weeks of flower and I’m thinking on adding an 80 watt full spectrum LED bulb to put some lights on the backside of them?

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Any thoughts

Sure, that should help.

How big is your grow space and what specific light do you have? And which light are you looking at adding?

My space is about 3-5-5
My light…

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Well, nobody likes to hear this but I’m going to lay it on you straight. You don’t really have enough light for that space.

I have a feeling what you’re seeing is a product of low light intensity. The sativas will stretch out more anyway, but yours is looking a little excessive. Those little bulbs will provide small short term improvements. But you’ll probably be better going after fixing the issue rather than applying a bandaid. The hollandstar light is a 200 watt light, you should be more in the 7-800 watt range with those style of lights. Some even run more than that.


To answer your original question: Yes, there is such a thing but NO you are not anywhere near it. I just grew six strains outside and two of them got burned by full Southern California sun in the summer. The others were fine. The two that burned and were stunted were indicas.

Without CO2, weed plants top out at about 85000 lux. They can’t use any more. Full sun can be 120000 lux. You need about 50000 lux for good flowering.