Stunted growth and leaves continue to go ugly

Ok no matter what my plants growth has completely stunted and my leaves continue to get worse. Should I flush? Give it some Mycorrhiza? Not sure whats going on…


Doesn’t look too bad buds look like they’re maturing maybe a touch of neut burn or some splashes on the leaves that would be my thought looks pretty good to me if it’s an auto it may just be that it started flowering early and it’ll be a real small plant :v:


Yup, I was going to ask if it was an auto or photo. Autos can do that

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Yes its a blueberry x big bud auto. Heres her sister which hasnt truly flowered yet and healthier looking imo.


You can expect the plant to stop growing at that point in flowering. She is no longer putting up foliage and is now instead focusing her energy on ripening flower.


So focus on flower nutrients and keeping up with watering? What about removing the bad leaves?

Hey how old are they. They look different. Did the first one have the yellowing tops like the second one does? Has it always been a darker green? And sorry to pry with questions when I have no answer for you.

They broke the soil one day apart on 8/9 and 8/10 they are from seed supreme and are supposed to be the same strain autos. Not a clue why they look so different.

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Just breeding, I think they need to be selectively inbred a little more to be consistent. If that company tries to produce 100,000 for sale it might not take the time to breed traits back in.
Here’s mine (), one smells like grapes very strongly, two smell like grapes a bit and also spruce, pine, classic thc smell. I had yellowing tops too. That’s why Im asking :+1:

But I dont know what if anything is wrong with yours. Had to edit that. Thought I was looking at an AK haha anyway

Growing cannabis is like raising a family. Some of your kids will be shorter, taller and sometimes look like one another :love_you_gesture: