Stunted and old looking in August


This doesn’t look right to me. We’ve had above normal rainfall this summer alternating with scorching heat. I see no pests but can’t figure out how to help these plants thrive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Is it only one plant? How’s the humidity? Is the soil drying out? Do you feed from jugs of nutrients? Many factors at play here. Could be genetics could be locked out could be a bunch of issues in one? Plus big temp swings aren’t the best either.

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on the first picture i see leaf scorching, it got too hot for them, dont fertilize too much. it looks like they are having trouble acquiring nutrients from the soil. my best suggestion is to repot them. it would help them out a lot. if they are directly in the soil, try digging them out and doing some soil amendment and then putting them back, they could take the stress.

You’re right, two plants are pictured. It is KY so humidity is high. I don’t think the soil is drying out ‘cuz we’ve had so much rain. I do feed I❤️GM nutrients in jugs. Not sure what “locked out” means. Thank you very much for making the time to offer your perspective and ask relevant questions!


Just blaze, I wouldn’t be surprised if it got too hot for them even tho they’re in a partly shady area. They are in soil, not pots, which I amended in the spring after a soil analysis for my “herb garden”. I have peat moss I could add and could buy some compost. I have alpha gal from a tick bite (meat allergy) so I tried not to add bat guano, bone meal or anything containing mammal ingredients (maybe that’s my problem!). What do you suggest I amend the soil with? Thank you for making great suggestions and helping me look at it another way!

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Looks like a bad phosphorous deficiency. I would suggest a worm casting tea. Using Blood Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Guano, will not affect your alpha gal since the plant metabolizes the nutrients and it is not passed on through the bud. I have a friend who has Lyme Disease and i donate to his cause all the time.


worm casting tea and the castings themselves, composted coffee pulp, fish bone meal are key in amending soils in my perspective. it gives soils life which in part transfer it to the plant, its all an ecosystem, that if maintained in a proper balance will give you favorable results.

Are these in pots or in the ground? Can you check pH of your soil or runoff?

Have you tried turning the top inch or so of the soil by hand? Is the ground rather wet? Could be too much moisture. Nutrient lock out is when there is too much or too little of something the plant needs that causes a defensive response to not do anything as far as uptake goes. It’s like sugar and type two diabetics. Eventually after an over abundance of insulin being cranked into the body the blood cells loose their reactiveness to the insulin. In type one diabetics there is no insulin. The results are similar meaning high blood sugar! Same thing with your plants. If the balance gets to far out of whack you have a potentially locked out and potentially dying plant.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support and suggestions. The soil analysis from Sept ‘22 showed very high levels of phosphorus, medium level of pH, low potassium, nitrogen wasn’t tested. I applied lime last fall. pH now shows 7. I stopped watering/fertilizing.
After reading your comments, I added worm castings to the top couple inches of soil as well as worm castings tea a couple times. I even tried cutting back some of the worst spots. Two of the plants seem to be trying to come back.
Thank you for explaining lockout & thank you for the reassurance that mammal products are not passed on thru the bud. I wanted to provide an update and see if you had any further ideas based on this info especially since it’s September now.


Sry for the late response, comments sometimes aren’t seen with tags.
But glad to hear thing’s are improving.
Got any reconnect pictures?

Good idea to show updated photos!

How is your progress sorry I’ve been a little behind with trying to prepare my family’s new home for moving and such. Hope all is well did they liven back up?