Stress or something else

Hello everyone! I’m A bit curious about this auto that I am growing. It is Bruce Banner ILGM auto flower grown in Dr. earth Organic and natural all purpose potting soil and feeding with Robert Bergmans nutrients. I topped after about 2 1/2 three weeks and it looks droopy . Topped at 5th node

Any ideas?

The only issue I see is that your plants will struggle to flower with only 2 LED panels. Drooping is normal around watering times or lights on/off.

Are you feeding a product that contains iron? The new growth is a little more yellow than should be expected.

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This is what I have been feeding it. I have the complete line

How many should he be running for that setup? About to start one and almost went with 2 vivosun 1000’s instead ordered the 2000. Just curious… Thank you

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Hey @LilRon I think they are not getting enough fresh air. Inside that tub isn’t allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your plants. They need to be below your canopy so air is push up through the leaves. The fan on top of your canopy is pushing the hot air around. You
Do not need that fan up top. Place your fan on the side your incoming fresh air is coming into your tent at or below canopy. Push the fresh air through the plant.

Exhaust from the opposite side top of your tent. Heat rises so let it rise up out of your tent. If you can place an exhaust fan sucking air out works best.

I put chased some clothes washer pans to place my pots in.
Camco Washing Machine Drain Pan for Stackable Units with PVC Fitting - Collects Water Leakage and Prevents Floor Damage - White (21006)

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Get yourself a hlg 260 over vivosun…made the mistake of getting the 1000’s and im glad i switched


Mine looked like that when I was stressing with light too close, I’m also using an HLG 550 and a newbie so taken what I say with a grain of salt

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That could be it! I have never kept them in a plastic container before, it was easier to prep,plant and carry them in that. I’ll take them out of there and see if that helps

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Plants needs water. Should be watering to runoff at this point in growth.


Your plants needs water. :green_heart:What’s the temperature in there?

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Currently it’s 78 in the tent and 70 in the room