Strawberry Kush virgin grow

Thanks bro 2004 to 2005 in theater with 1st Mar div stay safe bro and keep growing where you located at?

You too brother. I’m in PA

Cool bro I’m in TX go Steelers!

see that… even Texans hate the cowboys…


Hell yeah with a passion


You can find good seeds rite here ,top right corner …or go the AMS a sponsored site as well Hammer

@Usmcjojo . Just remember ,Over reaction is just as bad ,as No reaction … lol … and like @Paranorman said id rinse it off… One more thought have you read Robert Bergman’s grow bible ? … Hammer

Thanks @Hammer I appreciate it yeah I rinsed them right after he said it. I have read the grow Bible and keep it on my phone.

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Somebody is squared away …4.0 :sunglasses: Hammer

Hey @hammer is this right I’m trying to bend is this OK?

Awesome use for 550 cord

How long should I keep them bent?

Hey @ktreez420 am I doing the bending right?

From what I’m seeing, yes you sure are! :ok_hand:

Now, when you’re bending them, are you strictly just bending them down and tying them/staking them down?

Have you heard of “super cropping”?


The goal when bending is to allow the main stalk to be able to be hit by more light. This causes more branches to grow right from the stalk.

If possible, the best thing would be to train the top of the plant so that eventually it grew straight up as well. You would then have an even canopy of branches from the stalk and the main cola.

Either way though, you’ll want to keep the plant bent for the rest of the grow, in my opinion! :v:

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No idea what your talking about

Thanks @ktreez420 I appreciate the info I chickened out and untied the larger one left the small one tied up though


So plants took the bend awesome can’t wait to see all those new tops.


I lived in Oil City area for a few years.