Strawberry kush and Blueberry CBD in DWC

@ItsPat is your Strawberry Kush ILGM genetics or something else.

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@Bulldognuts yup ILGM. The Blueberry CBD as well

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Thanks, I recently tried to germinate 4 of them. No luck getting them to pop. I was surprised I’ve had excellent results with ILGM seeds in the past.

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@Bulldognuts dang sorry to hear that, I just got mine back in March (dropped these ones at the same time). Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to start them. I just pop into a rapid rooter in a old sippy cup on my desk and into the dwc once I see growth. I don’t bother with the tricks unless she doesn’t show up for a week or so.

Did you have them for a while or just ordered and planted recently, I ask because I bought the strawberry kush during the 4/20 sale and dropped 3 seeds in damp paper towel and they all had tails in 30 hours. I assume it is a fresh batch. :man_shrugging:


Ordered in February during Valentines day sale. I soak seeds 24 to 36 hours. Then put them in paper towels inside of clear glass cups. Leave them in warm dark area until they pop tap roots. I did 2 NL and 2 Skywalker at the same time no problem, popped within 24 hours. After first 2 failed I tried 2 more, no luck. Contacted ILGM, they’re taking care of me on it. Out of 18 previous attempts with ILGM seeds I’ve only had 2 that didn’t germinate. Four in a row with Strawberry Kush. :sleepy:


@Bulldognuts glad to hear they are making it right. I’ve only pretty good luck with only 2 that didn’t germ over the years.

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Well Oops. I went to bend over the main stem on Strawberry Kush and snapped of the very top of the plant. She bounced right on back

But with that now the Blueberry CBD is about the same height as Strawberry Kush.

Took a clone of Strawberry to round out my final run before summer hits fully. Took about 3 days to see her start to root (just lauded her with no basket in a dwc bucket). Yesterday I transplanted to pebbles.

Looking like she reverted from flower good too already. We will trim her up later this week and within 3 weeks be back in the flower room.

Next to the clone is a new seed that I’m working with that I crossed myself, Gold Leaf x Purple Haze.

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Was able to give blueberry a nice kink in the main like was trying to do to strawberry kush. This time it worked out as expected.

After a couple days at seems to be working out nicely

Strawberry kush is looking great too.

And of course the little tester isn’t so little anymore, but she has a new late clone attempt sitting next to her as I killed the other one moving too early.


Wow these things get big quick right? That little tester is super big at 3 weeks old under 67watts of cree leds. Looking so good I topped every node now to slow her down a little before moving her to flower next week

Blueberry CBD is super bushy and will need another trim soon.

Strawberry kush flowers are nice and dense under all , the hairs. Took a few samples dried and smoked. Even without curing it has a nice strawberry cheesecake type flavor of course mixed with a little cut grass taste. Can’t wait to load a cone full of her.

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Well the slow down idea didn’t work out, too bad :slight_smile: I’ll just have to work with some string later this week to keep the middle more open. Have had to move the lights up here 4 inches in the last few days to keep her from touching the bulbs.

Her clone buddy wasn’t ready so it moved to a new bucket and we will try and swap lids to a single site lid later this week. I would like to get 1 more week at least of veg in for here before squeezing her into the flower room

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Wow what a week. These girls got a new partner, purple and gold (purple haze x gold leaf) i think she going to tower over these older ladies. She just moved out from under 3x23watt 6500k cree LED to the Mars hydro tsl-2000.

Strawberry left, purple and gold center, blueberry cbd right

Strawberry Kush (still has that cheesy smell that is great)

Blueberry cbd smell is almost over powering in the room. Almost dimeatapp smelly. But I left her more natural so smaller buds.

And of course the new girl.

A good foot shorter than her mates. But i think with the proper veg time she will end up towering over these other two which are nearing the end of their cycle. The strawberry and blueberry are at 12 weeks from seed on 12/12 lighting from seed.

We will kick on the extra AC unit on this next month and continue with a Chocolope and a Purple & Gold clone at least. Yup those party buckets are temporary.

It’s been about a week time for a picture.
Just a few close up tonight.

Strawberry Kush

Blueberry CBD

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Let’s get a few photos here, I’m in the final weeks on the the old ladies in the room. And the young one is taking over the whole space!

Our strawberry kush is still swelling up daily it seems

The blueberry cbd has started to plump up. I pruned a few lower branches back early this week.

I think strawberry will come down in 2-3 weeks, but right now its looking like she might have a whole month left. The blueberry seems to be at least a month off. And the baby just started flowering today.


So I dried a few of the buds in pruned from the blueberry cbd. Here is one of the nicer samples

With flash

Going to give them a few days in the jar before trying it out for a smoke test.

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Went into the room today, to do a little work. This new girl has taken oven the space. The strawberry kush and blueberry cbd are being pushed out of the light daily. But they are almost finished strawberry has a few amber showing, and just got a koolbloom boost for the last week or two. Blueberry is maybe 1 week to two weeks out from strawberry kush.

Lets see a picture or two right?

And I ended up taking a branch to dry for a test as its my first time growing this one.

Then let’s see the Blueberry CBD, the little I pulled last week I dried and tasted today, like bubble gum flavor on exhale. I know the finished product will be even better.

Then there is the young big girl that is taking up a whole bunch of space.

This girl has me raising the lights higher than normal in this space so she might move next week. I’ll be re wrapping the room with additional Panda plastic as well to help with lighting.

The we have the new girls. These will switch out to blacked out buckets shortly.

Purple and gold on the left, Chocolope on the right

Chocolope is now missing her 5th node and should be ready to go to flower in a week or so. Purple and gold will probably get pollenated.

Then bagseed x gold leaf is the big clone from the big plant above that started to flower. Off to the right is a bagseed x gold leaf that is taking off really fast.

Quick little update. Started painting the party buckets. I painted the lids first black with undercoating for a car. Then sprayed two layers of enamel and now after that cured did three coats of white plastidip on the lid. I like the result so much I will do the same to the buckets. The bucket in this photo only had black plastic primer done where as the next version will have the undercoating spray and also the layers of white plastidip to “save” light.

I’ll also line the floor here with some panda plastic to try and conserve the light in the area. Those tiles aren’t growing grow under the lights. Chocolope was the lucky winner of the upgrade bucket and lid. At the same time I routed the air line in from the side rather than the top as im starting to veg longer in these little buckets with great results before moving them to 12 gallon totes to flower. Just without the extra work the roots get a ton of green algae due to light leaking right through the lid.

I do worry about the durability of the paint. Im hoping the tough skin from a few coats of plastidip is good enough for more than one run.

So I forsure f’ed blueberry right up. Just noticed an hour ago her air pump is unplugged, and the last time I did maintenance in the room was Sunday!

I had wondered why all of a sudden she was drooping. But it took 4 days for her to look bad enough to need air, so there is that.

After an hour of recovery.

I think she will be just fine.

Then the new girl is just too big. At 5’ 9" she was neck high. Took a few lower branches to promote upward growth, while bending the tops of the main nodes.

Quick update. Im trying out a big red and uv light as a supplemental light to the Mars hydro TSL-2000.

It’s from our friends at Amazon

It seems to be of good build quality on the outside, we will check out the inside of the power supply soon and see if we should upgrade it. But looks good enough and I have a smoke detector right there :slight_smile:

Here a couple photos of the light before install.

Here we can see the few uv chips

Lets see if this helps my girls fill out a little more. I’ve installed on the side mostly over the Strawberry Kush. I’ve setup to turn on and off 15 minutes before and after the main light.

Then with the main light on as well

The panel runs rather warm. I haven’t measured it yet, but I’m a full 2 degrees warmer than normal. Might be time to get that AC going at 86 degrees. But I want to give it a night to record some data for me. I could also turn up my exhaust fan to help and will tomorrow night. But first a baseline run.

The first 3 hours of lighting and none of the plants look any better or worse.
I’ll add another of these from the other side and move the fan a bit to get more coverage.

Blueberry is looking a bit better today after that air pump issue

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I think they all like the new light. After 12ish hours with the red.

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