Strange groth pattern

Recently dropped 3 Gelato autos and one is showing weird growth pattern.
It is sending out 3 leaves per node instead of 2.
Has anyone seen this trait before?
ps. the other 2 are normal.

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Yes this is common mutation, there is a name for it but I don’t recall. Google can probably tell you if you’re curious.


Polyploidy. Technically a triploid when it spits out 3 instead of two.

My triploid ended up growing normally after the first two sets of nodes.



I have a strange looking gg4 auto seedling now. Started out with one cotyledon,first leaves are round and the new growth coming out of the top is twisted. Far as I can tell autos are prone to weird genetics/traits. Must be all the cross breeding required to make them.

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Thanks mate.
Did it eventually flower normally?


Haven’t flowered her yet but I’m sure she’ll be just fine when she does.