Strains any experience?

First legal indoor grow . Any tips on Bruce Banner strain is appreciated. Currently under California light works solar 1100 with 4 plants . Super soil recipe it’s weekly compost tea feedings . Any tips are appreciated.


Leafly reccomends plenty of nitrogen and cal mag,and Temps around 75-80 degrees. Then good flowering fertilizer.

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Trying to do with no chemicals all natural . Using bone meal, blood meal, kelp, and compost tea for my feedings . It’s a hot soil . When I made it I let it heat for 2 weeks and it got hot in the middle . Think I will still have to supplement with chemical fertilizers for optimum nitrogen?


Probably not to start with,I use basically the same soil recipe,and I never have to add nitrogen for at least 6 weeks, sometimes more.I’ll add some organic nitrogen at the start of the flip to flower,then just flowering nutes the rest of the way.

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