Stopping and starting curing

is it possible to stop and re-start the curing process?

I don’t believe it is. You could freeze them, I guess that would stop them…

I assume you have to leave your herb for awile and don’t want to ruin your cure/ herb(the only reason I could think to do this). The only solution I can think of is to put your herb in a non airtight jar with lid and a 2 way humidity packet, that way the humidity is kept stable and you’ll get a tiny burp constantly.

Just out of curiosity why would you?

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Misunderstanding. I thought I was going to receive bud that had been dried and I would cure. Instead, I received bud that had been dried and cured for about 10 days and then vacuum sealed. I didn’t receive it until two weeks after that. I would definitely have liked it to be cured for longer.