Stoned...before or after exercising?

To all those who exercise, im curious…do you use before or after and if so what benefits or hindrances do you experience? What is your exercise of choice, walking, running, lifting weights, swimming, hiking, cycling, etc.? Would love to hear your feedback. TIA… :v:


I’ve been lifting heavy and running for years. It’s down to a matter of timing for me. When I go to the gym in the evening I will smoke afterward. I won’t smoke during the day other than a small hit if I happen to be nauseous. My personal preference only, but I can’t imagine going to the gym stoned. My mind has to be in the game when I am at the gym. Being stoned somewhat wipes my mind of any productive thoughts. I simply lose motivation to do much of anything.


It would be after going to the gym for me. I go five days a week seven o’clock in the morning. I’m with @MidwestGuy I cannot Imagine going to the gym stoned. After actually gives me something to look forward to.


Complete opposite for me I always smoke right before going in usually in the parking lot while slamming a pre workout. Then I always do 30 mins on a bike to get my heart rate up before we really start then I usually run 1 to 3 miles on treadmill and then I start my workout. At my house same thing I have a heavy bag and speed bag but I smoke right before and blast the music.

Cannabis doesn’t slow me down though I’m an active smoker.


Been in the gym for the last 10 years now and it’s either a joint or a bowl pack but definitely burn one before I go. Between my tents and the gym that’s my happy place so I would rather be in a happy state of mind when I’m there.


I find if I just take a small hit then I can move better and get in more walking and walk in a more normal way. Arthritis keeps me from doing a full blown workout.


My workouts at my age are about 3-mile walks in the many parks in my area two or three days a week. The woods is my happy place so I smoke before I go and do a few vape hits during.

I am smiling just writing about it


When I get home after work, I always load a bowl and grab my weights. Get in front of the TV and put on some dubstep. My workouts used to be intense, now they are in tents…No seriously, I used to lift heavy. Was a big guy, 225 at 6-0". Was always in the 1000lb club and graduated to the 1250lb club. Now I work out for joint mobility so I go light and do alot of reps. I lost all my teeth and am now down to 160lbs shredded. My food choices are super limited. Cant wear dentures and cannot afford $72,000 for implants from Nuvia.


Dude, that takes serious discipline and hard work to go from 225 to 160 shredded. Congrats.


I was shredded at 225 tho, 9% body fat. Just massive arms chest shoulders and back. Was not blessed with good legs. Even though I could squat 485 and dead lift 575, always had chicken legs. I used to be a personal trainer.


My legs have always been pathetic. It must be a genetic thing. I can hit any other body part hard without much issue. If I challenge my legs I pay for it.


Kinda depends sometime I do sometime I don’t

I don’t really notice much of a difference to be honest oh and I lift weights

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I won a “hard body” contest as a teen. In high school, bench, I maxed 418lbs. My curls were 125lbs, 5 sets of 10. I was eating two whoppers, one king size fries, and a king drink. I would grab a 16oz mountain dew and a pack of sugar babies on my way back to school / work. I struggled to gain weight. I got up to 215. Always smoked after the workout.

Got married had a kid… got close to 300lbs.
Keto, moderate exercise, walking, bike rides, mild resistance. I will smoke for a bike ride or walking, but not with resistance. In one year I dropped 120 lbs, and over the next year hit 155 for the lightest I’ve been since sophomore year of high school.

From eliminating sugar, even before the weight loss, good things started happening and only got better as the weight came off.

Skin tags… shrank and disappeared.
Pain in joints and knuckles… gone.
Arthritis around old injuries… don’t wake me up at night
Vision… blurred vision gone
BP… 115/74 hr 54 (weight loss more than sugar elimination)
Sore feet… foot pain mostly gone
Headaches haven’t had one since dropping sugar

Any time I want to get my heart rate up, I wait to smoke, I want my body to do it’s thing without interference.


70s, asked dad could i go to gym and lift weights during summer, he would say okay, but could i mow and edge first. Weed wackers, line edgers didnt exhist.

Morale of the story, i bucked hay for .25 a bale. I learned to get paid for working out.

Dad always said get paid for physical activity.

25 to 30 yrs later, Navy guy, over weight , retired, needs to find gym at mid life.

 Found UPS am preloading.  3am to 7amish 20 hrs a week, 6 months later, six packs  was getting paid to work out.   Extra 1000.oo part time, easy loading boxes on brown trucks.

Even over 60, i get paid to work out, currently cutting firewood. Its worth 500. To 600 a cord.

A cord a day is easy, but thats like having a job.
Actually, a cord is a half day cut for me. Wife moves limbs and keeps me clean and clear. Great team.


Where ya get’n the trees?

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Our forest, mesquite is something that can keep land prices low. When we purchased, i saw dollars signs.

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Addictive and toxic to us. We as a nation have never been so unhealthy.

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I’ve got a buddy that drives me nuts. He’s probably 35% body fat (6’4 and 330 lbs), so he eats a salad to be healthy and then proceeds to put a 1/3 of a bottle of ranch dressing on the salad, which is probably worth ~1,800 calories in ranch dressing alone. It’s not my place to say anything to him about it, but it drives me nuts.


Before, during and after!


Makes me think of the folks that get fast food. A whopper, Large fries, and then a 32 oz “Diet” coke haha!!!