Stink Bug's A Gardner's Nightmare 🤒

Though I would post these pictures, what to look for, I noticed some sugar leaves on my Girl Scout Cookies turning yellow, I know during late flowering stage it’s normal for fan leaves to turn yellow, not sugar leaves, what I originally thought was Bud Rot was Not ! These little Bastards have a tendency to show up around late August into September and will totally eat any vegetables or Cannabis or basically anything, You Must Take Action Fast :rescue_worker_helmet: Captain Jack’s Dead Brew is good but doesn’t seem to phase these, Sevin Dust will get them the old garden standby ! It will kill Tomatoe worm’s and Stinkbugs, I’m not wanting to lose these Nice Buds and nobody else who grows outside! Just make sure you do a good Budwash you would be surprised what comes out, if you never Done one :poop::poop::poop: