Still a female?

Hi guys!

It’s been 15 days since I put this plant in my veg closet. You all said she was female. ( I had her outside fending for herself because sex was undetermined).
Does she still look female??
I don’t see any seeds anywhere.

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Yes female. There are preflowers present.


Not the most normal looking plant but a female.

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Bring her back from exile

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She’s making a comeback!! Lol :joy:


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You need to get a light schedule going…
The plant dosen’t know if its flowering or vegging…
16 on , 8 off or 18 on , 6 off for vegging…
12 on and 12 off for flowering…


Thank you. She’s in the closet now. 18/6. She started to preflower when she was outside. I guess not getting enough light. She’s growing now. Small but growing. Lol.

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