Sticky's 3rd + grow

sweet fat bud stacks

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Happy Halloween!!!


thats badass, I usually just shoot mine with a shotgun and call it day lol


Day 65- watered them with 2 gallons of vented water at pH 6.4. All seem to be fine with the plain water lately.


Day 67- Watered them with 2 gallons vented tap water pH’d to 6.5.


Some pics from today. No major update. I trimmed some yellow leaves off the Gelatos after taking these pics.
Group shot


Sour Diesels👇


buds are getting sweeter and sweeter

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Day 69- 49 days or 7 full weeks of flower today. Watered them with 2 gallons vented tap water at pH 6.5. I’ve been consistently adding 1.5mL pH down to my 2 gallons of tap water to hit 6.5. Noted. Been 10 days since they’ve had any nutes.
I checked in with the trichomes. They’re starting to get milky, but they said they have another week at least, likely 2. No ambers yet. Sounds about right, buds.
I forgot my phone when I was downstairs playing with them, so no pics today. Last pics were yesterday. No major changes lol.
Question- For these final couple weeks, does it make sense to drop my light hours or intensity to help them finish? They are on 18/6 @ 100% power.


Day 71- 51 days or 8th week in flower. Pots are not as light as they have been. Dug some 1" or so holes with my finger on the edges. A bit moist. Fine roots right at the top of the pots. Confirmed with my old moisture meter!

I’m not going to water this morning. I’ll check them again this afternoon.

3 Sour Diesels :point_down:

3 Gelatos👇

This gelato is fading fast.

This Sour D may be foxtailing?


looking great, as long as you dont see any nanners youre good to go

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Looking great.


Thank you @BudzMS and @Graysin! Much appreciated.

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Day 72- 1st water since Sunday. Gave them 2 gallons of vented tap water pH’d to 6.3. A touch lower than i normally do but oh well. Close enough.
I got a little over 1.5 quarts runoff between the 6 of them. Good.
The Sour Ds look like they will be ready in a week or so. I may have stopped the nutes on the gelatos a week or two early. They might have more time left if I gave it to them. I think this one is just bulking up now, but its also fading fast due to lack of nutes.

Overall setup and group shot


Day 75- watering every 3rd day with plain vented pH’d tap water. Got 2 quarts of runoff today. Gelatos had darker runoff than the Sour Ds. I checked the trichs on all and they still are clear/cloudy. I dont see any ambers yet.
I shuffled them around again to get better pics lol.
Candy Gelato and Purple Diesel.

Gelato group shot

Sour Diesel group shot

The whole gang

I dialed the light down 3 clicks and added a 2nd small fan on the right to combat the big oscillating fan on the left.

Yesterday morning, I bent some branches a bit on this leafy Gelato to open her up. The innards were not getting any air circulation and were very green. In the process I snapped the bottom branch almost clean off the trunk. I taped her up and am also supporting her from underneath with a tent stake. You can see the tape and green interior. So far that branch seems OK. I’m not too worried because I plan on giving this plant to a friend for edibles anyway. Too much trimming for me!


20221112_10051212 day difference


that is so cool, 12 days and all those beautiful colors came out. you got some beauties

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Day 81- late update. Sunday will mark 9 full weeks in flower for them.

That purple SD in the GIF above was ready last night so she got chopped this morning.

Humidity levels are low in the 30s. Trying to find a 50% area in my house is difficult rn.


congrats, do you have a Humidifier?

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Thank you. No. Right now I have a hand towel hanging in a bucket of water with a fan on it. Its above 40% now. Was at 43% last i checked.


I should get a humidifier. Looks like a decent top fill is around $80 on amazon. Doesnt break my bank. I have a small dehumidifier, so it only makes sense lol. I can have the dehumidifier dump into the humidifier and not change a thing except my pocket lol!
Joking aside, on the occasion such as now, when I am harvesting during a dry spell, I should have a humidifier in my arsenal.

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