"STELLA" - 3 Days post transplant

Please take a look. Just transplanted 3 days ago. Some funky looking leaves. I am a first timer. All Advice and concerns invited. Seedling sprouted 7/15 - some Im 2 weeks in to this grow.

IMG_0653 IMG_0652 IMG_0650 IMG_0649 IMG_0648

First thing i would check is your soil ph. If your soil is a bit hot you can see some leaf distortions… but other than checking ur soil and water ph levels, you might want to research you genetics a little bit to find out the strain peculiarities… some plants react like that to high humidity or heat stress… a little more information please??

And PATIENCE is the most important thing i ever learned in a garden. These plants are very resilliant, and will often balance out on thier own if we just stay consistant with food and water!!!

Yeah…Patience is an issue with me. Soil pH 6.8 This is an unknown seed found while cleaning out my medical stash.

Thank You for your time!

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Stella - after multiple issues and mistakes she has sprung some flowers. Any thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated. This is my first grow. I do not know the strain as it was a random seed after cleaning some medical stash.