Status updates

Here I am. Ben on for an hour or so.
I have been asked to moderate the forum from 10pm - 2an EST. So if you all want to catch me live; I will be on and checking the forums every few minutes every night at this time.
Happy Growing, Peace, latewood

I hope everyone is happy.

I originally stated that I would be on every night (except for rehearsal or gig nights) from 10pm to 2am EST. I am going to revise that as long as no one takes issue. I am on and off all day, and will answer questions in bulk, up to around 2-3 am most nights. Basically working 4 hours throughout the day. This will work out better for everyone, because I need to be outside on the grounds during daylight, but I take several breaks from the heat, and can answer questions earlier in the day…

Check you out later. latewood

While we are waiting on the new Lounge; I will continue to updae my status here.

I will not be online late tonight; I have answered all the querry’s I could find.

I have a 9 hour trip tomorrow, A.M. to go procure a 440 LB. bag of perlite in NC.

Hope you miss me LOL :smiley: I will be back tomorrow night after my nap.

Thanks, 'wood!! I have a question about my auto blueverries I need to get answered ASAP, for my spirit’s sake. See ya here, tonight (Friday 2 May) at 10 EST. I’m interested in helping Robert et. al. with this fledgling operation, as I think they deserve the bump. So I will make a great effort to answer questions I have something to contribute to, and in general, keep the ‘kids’ interested by quick responses, if you get my drift.


Exactly what I am attempting Jodie. Thank You from all the Staff here at ILGM :smiley:

To my friends here. Turns out that I have band practice tonight. I will try to check in, but, I may not. When I get home whatever time it is; I will address ant questions you all left for me.

Miss you already :smiley:

O.K. - it’s getting late for Granny. See attached pictures. Very experienced grower, first auto grow. They came up approx 48-60 hours after popping. Auto-Blueberry. They have been exactly the same size for a week now. They are in approx 5 gal breathable re-usable shopping bags. In crude, but serviceable, soil-less mix, unammended. I have fed these girls once soil, twice folar, at 1/8 strength. Under Pro Grow 260. I have ph pen coming in 5 days, but I’m using tap water, which I always have. It is probably slightly high (i.e. 7.8 or 8). I admit to over-watering the first watering. I wasn’t used to the bags, always used plastic nursery pots. Maybe had the light to close the first three days. I should add that the funny thing is, they look as healthy, the plant tissue, the colors, the turgidity, all seem great. So, WTF?? Thanks for any help/suggestions/prayers/soothing rituals.

I just saw your ‘band practice’ post. No hurries, no worries. I ain’t even trippin’, I just want to come up with a good thesis as to why they girls seem frozen in time. Thanks!!!


Do me a favor, and put the grow posts in the thread I made for you in Strains. IN fact. Copy/paste them into it; So I can remove it from this thread, which is here for info on my online status, and light hearted communication with you all.

Not a cultivation support thread. OK? Thanks for your support. I appreciate your presence.

BTW. I am here. Practice moved back to manana…

Geez, sorry 'wood. Wasn’t paying attention. Thanks!! Jodie

OK. What a day :smiley:

Going to help my keyboard player move, then practice 1/2 the night. Err; Might party a bit. anyway; hold down the fort.

Will check for emergency posts when I get home, but otherwise; See y’all manana. Peace.lw

I am out for the evening. Had to cancel dinner; So, I am going to get some antibiotics for my Puppy, visit and old dog that might be gone :expressionless: this week , and play some guitar. Later.lw :sunglasses:

I may be off for a couple days due to having to “wipe” and re-instal the operating system on my PC.

Actually; I am going to dump my old trusty friend, “windows XP” and install Linux Ubuntu. As some of you know; Windows has quit supporting XP.

Let the freedom reign. Onto Linux. If I don’t blow up the 'puter…I will see you all in a couple days; or, asap. Peace, :smiley:

Realized I had too many movies to watch before wiping the old hard drive; So, I will be around all week. Plan on doing the OPSys rebuild this friday-saturday when support is really slow.

FYI To staff and friends. If I disappear for a day or 2; It is because I am reformatting my PC. I have never used LIBUX before; So I am sure there will be some learning curve, and downloading software I use etc…

Son’t sink the ship…LOL :smiley: