Starts dieing 2weeks in to bloom

closet 2x2x7–150w hps hydroponics. veggatation went great ( maxi-grow 10-5-14) butt as soon as I changed solution to maxi-bloom (5-15-14) and 12/12 lites it started yellowing and dropping leaves. also tips of newer leaves are turning brown and drying. I keep the ph between 5.5 - 6.5. Any ideas would be great its the 4th plant in a row I ve lost and Im stumped.

Sounds like your nutrient concentration is way too high. It really sounds like “nute burn”. What is your EC/TDS/PPM? Tips of leaves browning and then the rest of the leaf getting crispy/crunchy and also kinda yellowing/browning sounds exactly like nutrient burn.

I agree; Although it is hard to say with such a brief description of the total environment.